17 Awesome Ways To Use Rubber Bands You Definitely Never Thought About

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Most commonly, rubber bands are used for binding different items together…but you already knew that!

What you probably didn’t know is just how many other things the stretchy circles can do. From helping you pack for a camping trip to keeping you sane during a painting project and even fun kids’ crafts, rubber bands have so many uses. Here are just a few to get you started.

1. Wrap your clothes with rubber bands to keep them secure and neat on a camping or backpacking trip.

2. Limit how much soap your kids are using by putting a rubber band around the pump.

3. No bag clip? No problem! Use a rubber band instead.

4. Stop struggling to open your jars by putting a rubber band around the top.

5. Use a rubber band to extend pants that are too tight.

6. Hate when your clothes slip off the hangers? Put a few rubber bands on them and they’ll never budge.


7. Here’s how to create awesome rubber band rings.

8. Make an easy wallet with a rubber band and keep all your cards and money with your phone.

9. Remove excess paint from brushes by wrapping a rubber band around the can. No more messy drips!

10. Stop taking your eyes off the road to look at your GPS with this simple setup.

11. Here’s how to cut up an apple and keep it from browning after.

12. If you’re having trouble flipping pages, wrap a rubber band around your finger.

13. French tips are a breeze if you use a rubber band.

14. Here’s how to make adorable action figures out of rubber bands.

15. Tell everyone’s glass apart at a party with colorful rubber bands.

16. Turn a spatula into a cleaning tool by putting a rag around it and securing it with rubber bands.

17. Use rubber bands to secure pot lids so nothing spills in transit to a cookout.

(via One Crazy House)

You’re definitely going to try at least one of these now, aren’t you? Just don’t forget what rubber bands are really good for…

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