17 Reasons Why Arnold Would Have Been Lucky To Date Helga

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Move it, Football Head.

Everyone knows the ’90s masterpiece, Hey Arnold!


You know, that kickass cartoon about Arnold and his buddies (and Stoop Kid) navigating fourth grade.

Though the show featured lots of different characters, no plot line was ever as important as Helga and Arnold’s tortured romance.


The ultimate “Will they or won’t they?”

Arnold obviously had no idea of Helga’s obsession with him but let’s be real, any dude would be LUCKY to call Helga Pataki his girlfriend.

Here’s why.

1. First of all, Helga is loyal AF.

Nickelodeon / Via hot-sicilian.tumblr.com

She’s been DEVOTED to Arnold since they were little. #love

2. Seriously, even when other guys hit on her she’s like, “Nope.”


This heart belongs to someone else.

3. She’s a total badass.

Nickelodeon / Via nowthisistaken.tumblr.com

Look at her throwing that punch like it ain’t no thang, Arnold could totally use her as a bodyguard.

4. She’s an incredible businesswoman.

She’ll be the one bringing home the bacon.

5. Her confidence is to be admired.

Nickelodeon / Via aslongasyouremine.tumblr.com

Beyoncé took tips from Helga.

6. Behind that tough exterior, she’s a true romantic.


Is that Helga or Nicholas Sparks?

7. She’s got some mean dance moves.


She could spin that Football Head all night on the dance floor.

8. She’s self-aware.

Nickelodeon / Via pido-gancho.tumblr.com

Arnold would always know exactly what he’s getting into.

9. She’s not afraid to get down with her weird self.

Nickelodeon / Via gnomeggers.tumblr.com

Doesn’t everyone want someone as weird as they are?

10. She knows she deserves to be pampered.

And he shouldn’t mind pampering her CAUSE SHE’S THE BEST.

11. She doesn’t care about social norms… If a girl’s gotta eat, she gotta eat.

Nickelodeon / Via thoughtfire.tumblr.com

Which is great cause everyone needs someone to reach the delivery minimum with.

12. She’s pretty stealthy.

She would have thrown Arnold the BEST surprise parties.

13. She’s a complex person.

Nickelodeon / Via heygingerfoutley.tumblr.com

Isn’t everyone? So honest.

14. She’s relatable.

She probably felt exactly like you did when you had your first crush.

15. She’s truly a poet.

Nickelodeon / Via redsunfower.tumblr.com

What kind of fourth grader can articulate their emotions like that?

16. She’s a great kisser.


Who cares if she practices on a sculpture made of ABC gum?

17. And she’s quite the artist.


Some might mistaken her gum shrine for Michaelangelo’s David.

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