A Family Brought A Raccoon To An Animal Shelter, But Wait ‘Til You See Her…

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You’re not alone if this is the first image that comes to mind when raccoons are mentioned.

Sneaky little rascals…

But as it turns out, not all of the feisty critters are quite so stealthy.

Take this little lady who was brought in to an animal shelter in Seaforth, Nova Scotia, Canada. While her blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes might make you think fox or oversized cat, take a second look…

She seems way too classy and dignified to make off with the cat food or go digging through garbage.

But, raccoons will be raccoons. As vet tech Chelsea Pullen noted in the video, if you want to get the sneaky guys off your property, just blast some rock and shine some lights…though, we can’t promise this won’t happen.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/blonde-raccoon/

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