According To Tweets, Ebola Affects Intelligence More Than Previously Thought.

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The media created a monster with their coverage of Ebola, and people everywhere are scared. Whether those fears are justified remains to be seen. In the meantime, Americans are taking to Twitter to ask questions and express their feelings on Ebola. 

Sadly, most of these people don’t seem like they’ve read one news story on topic. Brace yourself, for here are 25 of the dumbest tweets about Ebola that we could find. #17 is just…well there are barely words to describe it.

1.) Maybe you should also be worried about your spelling?

2.) Google is your friend on this one. 

3.) *facepalm*. 

4.) I’ll give you two guesses. 

5.) No. Just no. 

6.) I’m glad that Chris Brown is so smart.

7.) Let’s just say yes so you can stop asking.

8.) There are no words…. 

9.) Seriously? 

10.) If it wasn’t, I don’t think people would be so worried. 

11.) Africa is lot bigger than you think it is. 

12.) Umm, where to start on this one. 

13.) Why is this even a question? 

14.) I hope this question is a lie. 

15.) Technically yes, I guess. 

16.) Really? Of course it’s bad for you! 

17.) Welcome to the Ebola diet. 

18.) Hmm…good point. 

19.) It never was. 

20.) She’s probably right. 

21.) Yes, it is very bad. 

22.) I think it’s time to get new co-workers. 

23.) I don’t think your parents would fall for this. 

24.) At least they’re thinking positively? 

25.) I’m not sure it works that way. 

Via: Elite Daily

These are startling revelations, to say the least. Is Ebola really that hard to spell? This has me concerned for the future of humanity.

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