Adorable Little Doggo Sounds Just Like Everyone’s Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Character

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What could be cuter than a sleepy litter of tiny husky puppies? How about one of them howling?

This precious puppy from Izhevsk, Russia, would like you to hold his beer because he’s about to do you one even better. Unlike his furry siblings, he wasn’t in the mood for nap time, opting to howl his little heart out instead. Want to know the best part? He sounds just like everyone’s favorite Wookiee.

Take a listen to a bunch of Chewy sounds to familiarize yourself with this ‘Star Wars’ character’s voice.

Now listen to this adorable little guy. Uncanny, right? He could be a baby wookie himself!

Excuse me while I replay this video about a hundred times and squeal myself silly. Chewbacca would be so proud.

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