Arizona high school coach suspended two games for praying with team

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A high school football coach in Tempe, Ariz., has been suspended for two games for praying with his team before a game.

2 Games. Hmmm Same as RR orig got for KNOCKING OUT girlfriend. Tempe Prep FB coach suspended for praying w/ his team

— Tom Brown (@TomBrownAZ) September 19, 2014

@sbordow @azc_obert Man you would think he knocked someone out in an elevator with that suspension.

— (@ArizonaVarsity) September 19, 2014

Story on Tempe Prep football coach Tommy Brittain suspended for praying with his team via @azcentral

— Richard Obert (@azc_obert) September 19, 2014

Arizona Central’s Richard Obert reports that coach Tommy Brittain is not allowed to attend tonight’s game nor next week’s game at Chandler Valley Christian.

@azc_obert Wow. What an insane thing to by punished for.

— Karen Grayson (@karenwhiskey) September 19, 2014

@azc_obert that's a shame. Love praying with Tempe after the game

— Carter Bennett (@CarterBennett9) September 19, 2014

@azc_obert insane. I pray before, during, after (usually for player safety.) Unless it was mandatory, isn't this infringing on HIS beliefs?

— Denise Manchego (@DeniseManchego) September 19, 2014

@azcentral total disgrace

— Jason Scanlon (@ajason007) September 19, 2014

@azcentral Preposterous! Prayer before a game hurts nobody! Don't believe, don't pray. But don't strip away others' rights to do it!

— Sherm (@ProudAmerican15) September 19, 2014

@azcentral unbelievable

— Armida ♥ (@ArmidaVida) September 19, 2014

@azcentral @AndrewE_Johnson sounds like a clear violation of freedom of religion, in the real world, not in the bizarro world of today.

— Charles (@charleswayne13) September 19, 2014

The devil must be a school board member… RT @azcentral: #BREAKING: #Tempe Prep #football coach suspended for praying with his team

— Mr. Anton (@Anton4Change) September 19, 2014


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