Bam! ‘Hacky pieces of garbage’: Fox News’ Andy Levy slams Huffington Post

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As Twitchy reported, there was a closed captioning oops on the night that Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured and taken into custody. According to the closed captioning, the suspect was Zooey Deschanel. It was a much-needed moment of levity, for most.

Naturally, the Huffington Post felt the need to show its idiocy … by blaming Fox News. For an outside party’s closed captioning error. They did update the article, but only to clarify it was a “local affiliate.” Protip for HuffPo: Google is your friend.

“Red Eye” ombudsman Andy Levy took HuffPo to task.

@andylevy Ombuds the shit out of them, Levy!

— Shelton Buchanan (@BigGingerNole82) April 21, 2013

He did. And it was glorious.

[email protected]huffposttv also your tweet fails to note your own article’s correction.

— Andy Levy (@andylevy) April 21, 2013

[email protected]huffposttv in short, you’re an embarrassment.

— Andy Levy (@andylevy) April 21, 2013

[email protected]huffposttv but hey u got 2 take a shot @ fox news so who cares if it’s unwarranted, right? mission accomplished, u hacky pieces of garbage

— Andy Levy (@andylevy) April 21, 2013


Twitter users agree.

@andylevy @huffposttv but HuffPo’s story about Hillary Duff donning tight pants is fucking spot on.Hello, Pulitzer!

— Matt Oswalt (@Puddinstrip) April 21, 2013


@andylevy Bravo, sir, bravo

— FR (@Sturndago) April 21, 2013

@andylevy @huffposttv Andy you could have stopped at “Huffington Post” #Thatsaysenough

— Swag Pappy (@TMidler) April 21, 2013

@andylevy No byline to accompany @huffposttv‘s cheap shot either

— Jeff (@BeastQuake) April 21, 2013

They knew, but lied. MT @andylevy: [email protected]huffposttv it’s pathetic that a tv site doesn’t know how closed captioning works

— Keith Jackson (@AsHarshAsTruth) April 21, 2013

@andylevy @huffposttv I hope this turns into a scene from Anchorman.…

— Alex Edmonds (@TheMisterFlux) April 21, 2013

I <3 @andylevy rants!…

— Jessica Walsh (@jlynnew) April 21, 2013

We do, too. Keep them coming, Mr. Levy!

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