College football Saturday in the spring

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College football fans around the nation are getting ready the spring games of their favorite teams. It is a glimpse in early spring of what the 2012 college football season may hold.

Michigan Spring Game at 12. Just makes the wait till august a hell of a lot longer #goblue!

— Aaron Huff (@A_Huff16) April 14, 2012

OU spring game bound! The storms better hold off until after the game! #soonernation

— Stephen Coakley (@coakley989) April 14, 2012!/_spazonniqqaz/status/191171983885611008!/ORLMagicMatt/status/191171977476706306!/bmreezee/status/191171969037778944

Football fans rejoice!! 🏈 it's Spring Game Day!!! #fsusg

— SUMOskinny Tally (@SUMOskinnyTally) April 14, 2012

I am 100% confident that Clemson will win their Spring Game today

— Jay Phillips (@jaycphillips) April 14, 2012

Does anyone know wat time the UGA spring game starts ??…I think its today

— jermaine. Junior (@maine2310) April 14, 2012

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