Comedian Paul Rodriguez takes Eva Longoria to task for ‘overboard’ Romney slams

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Eva Longoria is still trying to climb her way out of the ever-deepening hole she’s dug herself into with her nasty anti-Romney tweets. But she shouldn’t count on Paul Rodriguez to hand her a shovel. Disgusted with her shameful Romney smears, Rodriguez politely called out Eva and her fellow Romney-basher Rosie Perez for their “mean-spirited” comments:

Comedian Paul Rodriguez put all joking aside this week to take some serious jabs at Barack Obama supporters Eva Longoria and Rosie Perez for making “mean-spirited” comments about Mitt Romney.

Rodriguez, who recently made in a Latino-targeted ad supporting Mitt Romney’s presidential bid, told Fox News Latino that while the two actresses have a right to support Obama, they have gone overboard in their criticism of the former Massachusetts governor.

“If I said mean-spirited things about President Obama, I’d be called a racist, a bigot,” Rodriguez told Fox.

Absolutely. The prominence of double standards on the Left is staggering. Good on Rodriguez for highlighting it.

Some Hispanic liberals viewed this move as traitorous:

[email protected]georgelopez what the hell is up with Paul Rodriguez?

— Jorge Martinez (@jorgemartinez) October 19, 2012

Why does Paul Rodriguez have to go after Eva and Rosey? Polorizing Latinos doesn’t help anyone.

— Michael Johnson (@MJohnson2448) October 19, 2012

@laloalcaraz what are your thoughts about Paul Rodriguez supporting Mitt Romney. I think the #chicano left him when he stop eating frijoles

— Latino Political Ave (@LatPoliticalAve) October 20, 2012

This isn’t about race; it’s about standing up for what’s right.

Every four years Paul Rodriguez embarrasses himself by reminding everyone he’s a Republican

— Lalo Alcaraz (@laloalcaraz) October 20, 2012

Actually, Rodriguez voted for Obama in 2008. Like Stacey Dash, he is disappointed with what he has seen from the president and believes Romney is the man to get this country back on track.

Longoria, who costarred with Rodriguez in the film “Without Men,” has not addressed Rodriguez’s remarks on her Twitter page as of yet, a Twitterer writes that Eva’s camp says there are no hard feelings between her and Rodriguez:

Eva Longoria camp response to comic Paul Rod criticism: Eva loves Paul Rodriguez very much…and respects his political views and opinions.

— Elizabeth Llorente (@Liz_Llorente) October 19, 2012

That has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, conservatives are applauding Rodriguez for speaking out.

Thx Paul 4 standing with #Mitt! Mitt Romney Ad Paul Rodriguez | Fox News Latino via @foxnewslatino

— Michael (@MichaelSaragosa) October 19, 2012

A Decent Man, Paul Rodriguez, Calls For Decency From Eva Longoria @evalongoria @michellemalkin…

— (@MyPresidentme) October 19, 2012

Decency is always in short supply, but particularly during campaign season. Thank you, Mr. Rodriguez, for showing your colleagues how it’s done.



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