Donald Trump wants an apology from Mark Halperin over bleeped focus group

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Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin has a new video out of a focus group he conducted in S.C. where he asked the members what they thought of Donald Trump’s cursing on the campaign trial. In short, they didn’t like it — at all.

But there’s some question right now if the clip Halperin showed the focus group was entirely fair to Trump. The video shown to the group has the f-word bleeped out. But Trump says he only mouthed the f-word and deserves an apology:

So, who’s correct?

Answer: It looks like it’s Trump.

Here’s the focus group, with the bleep coming at the 1:28 mark. As you can see, the people in the group reacted pretty negatively when they heard the bleep. (Trump did curse during the other bleeps in the video saying s*** and a**.)

Now here’s the clip of what Trump actually said. It’s clear he mouthed the word, but didn’t say it:

Maybe Trump is correct on a technicality, but why bleep it out if he never said it in the first place?

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