Falcons’ Roddy White deletes tweet moaning about fantasy football, apologizes

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Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White apologized for posting a tweet moaning about losing his fantasy football matchup this Sunday due to the Adrian Peterson indictment and deactivation.

Roddy White why? pic.twitter.com/yqx3sSglgU

— Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson first comment says it all. pic.twitter.com/BODG8hxeEr

— Danny (@recordsANDradio) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson he is being sarcastic

— Football Observer (@Chris_Lomas_) September 13, 2014

@jonahkeri @WillBrinson When I first read it, I thought for sure he was being sarcastic. No one could REALLY say that… right?

— Two-Minute Warning (@tmwarning) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson @sportsrage is this shit real?

— Tyler Wilson (@TylerCRWilson) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson I thought it was hilarious. Wait, he was joking, right?

— Daniel Hartis (@DanielHartis) September 13, 2014

@roddywhiteTV I'm confused. Was it a joke? Because it didn't sound like a joke. If that's how u feel then you're entitled to ur jackassery

— ricky hill (@rocky3226) September 13, 2014

Well, he did end up deleting it.

@WillBrinson Its pretty clear that there is a pretty vast divide in how people respond to this issue. More so than the Rice issue.

— David Kern (@dakern) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson he deleted it

— Jonah Keri (@jonahkeri) September 13, 2014

@jonahkeri @WillBrinson And wrote an apology tweet

— Mark Zinno (@MarkZinno) September 13, 2014

@Chris_Lomas_ @WillBrinson Apology just posted

— Cucumber Jones (@jmarkosomething) September 13, 2014

Wow, @roddywhiteTV must have a PR person and/or a lawyer on call 24/7 https://t.co/mp5kGuavas

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson but less than three minutes between boneheaded tweet and apology. Impressive turnaround. @BobLeyESPN

— Jason Kint (@jason_kint) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson @dan_bernstein proving once again that there should be a ten second delay before you post anything on social media.

— nicholas andrea (@deacon6375) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson @BobLeyESPN get it down to seven seconds and we can use a magic button to pull it back in like television.

— Jason Kint (@jason_kint) September 13, 2014

@jonahkeri @WillBrinson deleted after like 800 retweets. Oy.

— Steve Seiferheld (@steveseiferheld) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson @brettslama nothing surprises anymore

— John O'Brien (@John_O_B) September 13, 2014

@WillBrinson @FakeChrisFedor Winner of the most disgusting and insensitive tweet of the year goes to #RoddyWhite

— Mike De Girolamo (@kworld299) September 13, 2014

@bigjerm412: “@WillBrinson: Roddy White why? pic.twitter.com/6TVRFDZ5uG” can't make this shit up” Every athlete should just delete twitter.

— Taylor Wilson (@YoungTomServo) September 13, 2014

@YoungTomServo that's what I was thinking

— Big Jerm (@bigjerm412) September 13, 2014

.@roddywhiteTV – uhhh, you say a lot of things on Twitter you shouldn't have. Maybe you should reconsider social media as a whole.

— Christopher Gachko (@C_Gach) September 13, 2014

Roddy White has also defended Penn State, Joe Paterno http://t.co/T3INlPBlHi and sent anti-gay tweets in past http://t.co/AZe4R9iq81

— Larry Brown (@LBSports) September 13, 2014

@sportsrage @WillBrinson wtf man, seriously. I love the NFL but that league is fucked

— Tyler Wilson (@TylerCRWilson) September 13, 2014


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