Football fans suddenly not so keen on ‘real’ NFL referees

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Bringing back the “real” NFL referees was supposed to put an end to bad officiating. But after a questionable call in today’s Packers-Saints game, it looks like the old refs aren’t working out quite as well as NFL fans had hoped:

Looks like replacement refs AND real refs dont like the packers huh?

— LaMarrWoodley (@LaMarrWoodley) September 30, 2012

Refs still have their pension and still miss calls.

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) September 30, 2012

Packers now asking for replacement replacement referees

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) September 30, 2012

The only thing more comedic than the replacement refs is people who thought "real" refs were somehow different.

— Valar Morghulis (@KiltedLush) September 30, 2012

"Not so easy, is it?" – Replacement Refs

— Peyton's Head (@PeytonsHead) September 30, 2012

And the anti-Packers conspiracy continues. #Packers

— Sean Hackbarth (@seanhackbarth) September 30, 2012

Its those replacement refs taking one from the packers again..oh wait, never mind.

— stan verrett (@stanverrett) September 30, 2012

#RealRefs just screwed the #Packers. Again.

— Stacey-SisterToldjah (@sistertoldjah) September 30, 2012

Roger Goodell REALLY needs to bring the regular refs back…oh…what?!…these aren't replacement refs?! #GBvsNO @typikoll @tunnzofunn

— Joshua Connelly (@joshuakconnelly) September 30, 2012

Quite a few fans say they miss the replacement refs — you know, the officials whom some Twitter users wanted to assassinate just last week:

I miss the replacement refs. They sucked too, but at least they weren't full of themselves.

— Gregg Doyel (@GreggDoyelCBS) September 30, 2012

Bring back the replacement refs.

— Indie Coffee (@indiecoffee) September 30, 2012

Bring back the replacement refs.

— Todd Vahlsing (@tvahlsing) September 30, 2012

Replacement refs wanted back please #packers

— Furby (@Furbyofdeath) September 30, 2012


— Jamie Mattox (@Mauvesunrise84) September 30, 2012

Might as well bring back the replacement refs there just as good . This is ridiculous!

— miranda zellmer (@mirandazellmer) September 30, 2012

Weak holding call. Bring back the replacement refs #PackersSaints

— Moshe (@flutiemagic) September 30, 2012

Somehow it’s all NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s fault:

Damn u Roger Goodell!!

— Chad Gesser (@profgesser) September 30, 2012

Roger Goodell can lick my ass

— Bo Jackson (@HeyyMrrCarterr) September 30, 2012

It's still Roger Goodell's fault.

— Fanboy Elitist™ (@superdeformed) September 30, 2012

Well yeah it totally is RT @superdeformed: It's still Roger Goodell's fault.

— Cara (@CaraJPParents) September 30, 2012

Just blame everythig on Roger Goodell the NFL needs a new commissioner

— _Calfee_ (@_DCalfee_) September 30, 2012

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