Great scoop on Romney’s prep school pranks, WaPo. Now ready to vet #ObamasTeenYears?

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Mitt Romney’s Cranbrook prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling, "vicious" incidents

— Post Politics (@postpolitics) May 10, 2012

The Washington Post has an in depth vetting of Mitt Romney’s oh-so-relevant prep school pranks. It seems that during his teenage years, the evil Romney once clipped a shaggy-haired classmate’s locks.

The usual suspects on the Left immediately seized upon the article as proof that Romney is, what else, a vicious bigot.

actually, assaulted gay student; RT @Amyloukingery Your mainstream media at work – Romney teased someone in HS in 1965

— Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) May 10, 2012

As an 18 year old adult, @MittRomney led a "vicious" assault on a boy with scissors at his prep school:

— Brad Woodhouse (@woodhouseb) May 10, 2012

Meanwhile, conservatives launched a new hashtag to note that we’re still waiting for the MSM to vet Barack Obama. As usual, hilarity ensued and #ObamasTeenYears was trending within minutes.

#ObamasTeenYears *crickets*

— Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) May 10, 2012

#ObamasTeenYears <redacted>

— Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) May 10, 2012

#ObamasTeenYears Hey, look at that obvious distraction…

— #The12thBrodigan (@brodigan) May 10, 2012

#ObamasTeenYears Um…..

— Andrew Staroska (@OHCONSERVATISM) May 10, 2012

#ObamasTeenYears: Evolving.

— Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) May 10, 2012

#ObamasTeenYears He was just a pup.

— Razor (@hale_razor) May 10, 2012

#ObamasTeenYears Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails. Especially puppy dog tails.

— Jenn Taylor (@JennQPublic) May 10, 2012

#ObamasTeenYears. ** crickets **

— Alex P Keaton (@I_Hate_Hippies) May 10, 2012

#ObamasTeenYears: 404 Error

— Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) May 10, 2012

First he began by organizing his trapper keeper #ObamasTeenYears

— Kemberlee Kaye (@KemberleeKaye) May 10, 2012

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