He Loved Chess, But He Also Loved Epic Wall Decor — Meet Wall Chess

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If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your walls with something truly beautiful, functional, and unique, today’s DIY tutorial is for you. Because for one Reddit user, simply hanging another poster on his wall was not an option. Instead, as a person who loves chess and doesn’t want to sit all day, he decided to build a wall chess board from scratch.

Using a handful of tools and a bit of ingenuity, he created something we desperately wish we could buy ourselves.

To start, he came up with some plans using CAD drawings.

He finalized the design specs and sent them through his dad’s laser cutter.

The pieces were made with layers of birch and maple wood.

While he made some mistakes along the way — like the cuts being too deep in some places and too shallow in others — he eventually found a rhythm.

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He used an orbital sander to perfect their look.

Next, the playing piece layers were stacked and glued together. He used random objects like propane tanks since he didn’t have traditional weights.

While he waited for the pieces to dry, he added a green finish to alternating squares of the chess board.

But when he tried to insert the new pieces, he learned they were a little too snug. That meant breaking out his Dremel saw and making some fine cuts.

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It didn’t take much, and suddenly they fit!

As a final touch, he rubbed sandpaper on the green pieces to distinguish them from the board.

The result is a unique piece of wall art that’s also functional.

Who wouldn’t want to have a chess, checker, or similar board game on their wall? Whether this Reddit user has stumbled upon a great new business idea is anyone’s guess. Either way, he’s certainly inspired us to follow in his footsteps for this weekend’s project!

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