Her Basement Was A Little Too Dark, So She Built Something Unique To Brighten It Up

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If you have a basement in your house or live in a below-ground apartment, you know the troubles that come with a dimly lit space. It can get pretty depressing. While some opt for expensive portable UV lights that combat the effects of little sunlight, this woman chose a different route.

With some simple materials you can find at just about any hardware store, she built an artificial window with LED lights in it — and it changed her whole space!

First, she bought LED plant-growing lights. She wanted the brightest option that wouldn’t be flammable — this was it!

She mounted them to the wall.

Next, she got some pieces of wood and put an acrylic cover over the LEDs.

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In order to better diffuse the light from the bulbs, she made a cornstarch mixture with water (it had the consistency of skim milk) to paint over the acrylic.

Wanting to make the window seem authentic, she included a cross over it with cheap plastic molding.

She pulled curtains over it and the finished product looks like a real window that is actually letting in sunlight!

Neat, isn’t it?

(source Reddit)

While it’s not as good as the real deal, it certainly could have fooled me. I bet she’ll look forward to spending more time in her home office from now on!

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