Homeless Man Who Returned Engagement Ring Gets a New Life

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Billy Ray Harris was a homeless man in Kansas City just six months ago… then everything changed. Every day, he’d hold out his cup, asking for money. One day, a woman named Sarah Darling changed his life. She passed by, and while giving him change, accidentally dropped the ring into his cup. Even though he got it appraised to be worth over $4,000… he didn’t sell it. That changed his life.

6 months ago, Billy Ray Harris was living on the streets.

Then, he found this woman’s expensive engagement ring.

Instead of pawning the ring and getting money, he sought out its owner and returned it.

Because of his generosity, the couple decided to help him get back on his feet.

He found Sarah and gave it back to her. Now, he is no longer homeless. His good deed for a stranger led to something unbelievable. Sarah and her husband Bill Krejci started a fund to raise money for Billy to help him get his life back on track.


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