Instagram threatens to close Madonna’s account over ‘community standards’

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Instagram warning Madonna is kind of funny.

— Oleg (@Ermurati) February 24, 2013

She’s only posted 19 photos on the social media sharing site, but Madonna’s photo album has already set Instagram’s community guidelines police on edge. Naturally, Madonna Insta-grammed the warning message:

The letter doesn’t specify which rules she broke, leaving fans to wonder:

why was Instagram trying to censor Madonna ? was it the cleavage or they thinking it was a fake acc or the pics that werent hers ?

— Banana Del Rey (@Banana1DelRey) February 24, 2013

Here’s one of the cleavage-exposing pics:


Was it her lips?

Madonna posted 2 new photos + she has 140,000 followers on Instagram!…

— Madonna Daily Tweets (@MDNADailyTweets) February 19, 2013

Or the cheeks?

Working on the edit of the live concert! Madonna on Instagram:…

— (@_madonnarama) February 14, 2013

Or maybe it was this. Egad:

Madonna’s new Instagram photo killed me and sent me to heaven!! Holy killer eyes! I’m not worthy! 🙏 #MadonnaFamily…

— ϲɑɾӀօՏ❥ʍɑժօղղɑ♔ (@Madge_Freak) February 24, 2013

Whatever the case, the rallying cry is spreading: Free Madonna!

EXPRESS YOURSELF DON’T REPRESS YOURSELF! Instagram Stop The Madonna Censorship

— María Clara Ríos (@MaClaraR) February 24, 2013

here is the photo uploaded by Madonna and removed by the instagram team!<fede

— Madonna on tour (@Madonnaontour) February 23, 2013

Instagram Stop The Madonna Censorship is Trending World Wide (24th of February, 2013) // 6th TT

— Madonna Trends (@MadonnaTrends) February 24, 2013

Madonna is the queen of the universe, say no to censorship! @instagram

— madonna da silva (@madonnadasilva) February 23, 2013

We say no to saggy lady parts. They’re never in vogue.

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