It Looks Like The Chupacabra Is Back At It Again…This Time In CHINA!

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In Pudong, China, a mysterious beast is said to be the culprit of 200 chicken deaths. Besides the fact that the creature has never been seen, perhaps the strangest aspect of this mystery is that it doesn’t actually eat the chickens…it just sucks their blood.

Two hundred chickens have had the blood sucked out of them in the Pudong district of Shanghai. The only clues that could lead to the animal that did this are webbed footprints and a hole in a fence.

The attacks have gotten so frequent that police have begun nightly patrols.

What creature could possibly be the culprit? Some believe it might be a large dog. Others think it might be an escaped animal from a nearby wildlife preserve. There are even some who think it might be a new, still undiscovered creature.

Our theory? The chupacabra has made its way to China.

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

As creepy as the whole blood-sucking thing is, at least the people of Pudong can take comfort in knowing that the creature is just going after chickens…for now.

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