It’s almost like commentator Craig Burley is trying to ruin the Spain-Italy game…

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It’s Euro Cup 2012, and soccer fans have come out the woodwork to wear their team’s colors, down a few pints, cheer, jest, and rage when their team drops.

Or when Craig Burley gets to commentate a game.

Craig Burley? Why are ITV trying to ruin the Euros for me?!

— Paul (@Anontic) June 10, 2012

I hate Craig Burley.

— Z✌ (@bazingaaaa__) June 10, 2012

Aww when you think you've got rid of Craig Burley until next season…

— Laura (@LauraFoyer) June 10, 2012

Craig Burley is a wanker.

— the_toad (@tarmstrong98) June 10, 2012

A former midfielder for Chelsea, Burley has been getting into the TV pundit work as of late, and has worked with ESPN, BBC Radio 5 Live, and others. Today, he was given the privilege to help cover the Spain-Italy match. What he sees as an honor, others see as practically unwatchable.

"your commentary team tonight is Mark Lawrenson and Craig Burley" ** reaches for gun

— HEEL (@_siMan__) June 10, 2012

First game I get to watch and Craig Burley somehow appears to have got a transfer from C5 to ITV. #mute

— Paul Eacott (@pauleacottrp) June 10, 2012

Craig Burley commentating on this game is bad enough, but telling Spain/Italy players 'what they should've done' is pure comedy! #Euro2012

— Asa Clark (@cfcasa) June 10, 2012

Whenever I hear "and on commentary, Craig Burley and Jon Champion" a little part of my soul leaves me </3

— Daniel Griffin (@GriffinDaniel) June 10, 2012

what's worse than Craig Burley commentating on the game you're watching? Mark Bright commentating. #arsehole

— TyrannosaurYES Tim (@Itsatimthing) June 8, 2012

To people who complained about the English pundits, bet you'd rather have them than Craig Burley now?!

— European Bob (@Leeh_nostromo) June 10, 2012

Craig Burley shouldn't be allowed to talk about anything ever.

— George Shaw (@gshizzy) June 10, 2012

Just when you think ITV's football coverage can't get any worse… Craig Burley.

— Kelvin Barker (@ChelseaKelv) June 10, 2012

Craig Burley is to punditry what Harold Shipman was to medicine.

— Stephen Carroll (@Stephen_C80) June 10, 2012

TV’s around the World are now displaying this soccer match in silence.

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