Jennifer Garner’s Romney endorsement leaves some suspicious

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John Podhoretz has uncovered was seems to be a tasty Facebook nugget: a wholehearted endorsement of Mitt Romney by actress Jennifer Garner. Of note is Podhoretz’s inclusion of the word “verified” — is it really so hard to believe that a Hollywood celebrity would support Romney? Well, yes, yes it is.

Funny I'm so doubtful a H'wood type would support Mitt MT @jpodhoretz: Jennifer Garner "I fully.. support Mitt Romney!"

— Mike Whelan (@mikewhelanjr) July 14, 2012

@jpodhoretz It's not true. Jennifer Garner has donated a sh*tload of money to Obama reelection…

— Julie Klam (@JulieKlam) July 14, 2012

@jpodhoretz @jeffemanuel Yeah, that's not a real Facebook page.

— EPCOT Fitzgerald (@mttbry) July 14, 2012

Uhh… Facebook doesn't do checkbox verification like Twitter does. Skeptical of Jennifer Garner endorsement of Romney. @jpodhoretz

— Tom Ziegmann (@tziegmann) July 14, 2012

Celebrity accounts have been faked before (e.g., Wendi Deng Murdoch), and even real celebrities (such as Salman Rushdie) have complained of difficulties verifying themselves. The idea that Mrs. Ben Affleck herself could be a Romney supporter is just too good an idea to pass up, though.

WHOA! Mrs. Ben Affleck?! RT @sarahpompei Latest Romney endorser – Jennifer Garner. Rules. I love Alias a little more today.

— Seth (@dcseth) July 14, 2012

Wonder how Ben feels about that RT:“@masonharrison: Awesome! RT @sarahpompei: Latest Romney endorser – Jennifer Garner. Rules.”

— Julie Hooper (@JulieHooper) July 14, 2012

Will make for some interesting dinner conversation with hubby Ben Affleck. RT @sarahpompei: Latest Romney endorser – Jennifer Garner. Rules.

— Matt Viser (@mviser) July 14, 2012

Even better is the idea of a celebrity matchup between Garner and a certain Obama dinner host.

BREAKING: Noted beautiful woman and public intellectual Jennifer Garner endorses Romney. Obama got Sarah Jessica Parker. Advantage: Mitt.

— John McGuirk (@john_mcguirk) July 14, 2012

Sarah Jessica Parker debate oncoming? RT @sarahpompei: Latest Romney endorser – Jennifer Garner. Rules. I love Alias a little more today.

— Sarah Boxer (@Sarah_Boxer) July 14, 2012

No news yet on just how “verified” this endorsement really is (the original Facebook post went up July 2 to little notice), but perhaps if Twitter gets this trending we’ll be able to bring you the final word loud and clear.

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