Jiuzhai Valley National Park May Be The Most Amazing Park You Ever Set Eyes On

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America’s national parks are all beautiful in their own right. We’ve got The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier Park…our list of incredible natural wonders is endless. But take a trip across the Pacific Ocean and you’ll come to China, where one national park in particular might steal your heart.

Deep in the Sichuan region of the country, Jiuzhai Valley National Park is home to some of the most spectacular sights…let’s take a quick tour.

Welcome to Jiuzhai Valley National Park.


Yes, this is a real place.


While one of the best times to visit is during the spring, you can’t beat that fall foliage.


And winter isn’t bad, either.

Getty Images


The park is known for its colorful lakes and striking, multilevel waterfalls.




This one is called Arrow Bamboo Lake Waterfall.


Even the most subtle streams are beautiful.

This is Nuorilang Falls. The massive beauty is the widest highland waterfall in China.

They are 65 feet high and over 1,000 feet wide.

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It’s pretty clear why this park is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike.

Five Flower Lake is one of the park’s main attractions.

The multicolored waters are home to countless ancient tree trunks.

Long Lake is a crescent-shaped body of water high up in the mountains.

At nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, the lake is also the deepest in the park.


Ice and snow melt contributes to the lakes, but also creates rapids like this one.


So…who’s coming with me?! This seems like something straight out of the movies, but it’s entirely real. Isn’t nature incredible?

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