John Stamos: ‘Acting isn’t as tough as getting a mani-pedi’

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Editor’s note: Please see the update at the end of this post. According to a deposition transcript, Tom Cruise agreed with an analogy comparing separation from his daughter to fighting in Afghanistan. The comparison is still extreme and inaccurate, but TMZ appears to have misrepresented what Cruise said. The update follows our original post below.

Tom Cruise touched a lot of nerves today when TMZ reported he believes his job as a professional actor is as grueling as fighting the war in Afghanistan. “That’s what it feels like,” Cruise reportedly said in a deposition in the custody battle over daughter Suri. “And certainly on this last movie, it was brutal. It was brutal.”

Actor John Stamos obviously disagreed, and Fox News international correspondent Mike Tobin hoped it was a case of misreporting.!/MikeTobinFox/status/398989183823671296

Could Cruise really believe his job is tougher than serving in Afghanistan? A lot of people think so, and they’re not happy about it.!/delizabeth725/status/398988032063180801!/AG_Conservative/status/398980825179377664!/invisiblebre/status/398983040686243840!/anARineverycar/status/398983217203511296!/lagunabeachh/status/398985089087840256

Jessie Jane Duff is a retired gunnery sergeant with the U.S. Marine Corps.!/JessieJaneDuff/status/398993189023252480


In the deposition available on Scribd, Cruise appears to compare the feeling of being separated from his daughter to fighting in Afghanistan.!/JessieJaneDuff/status/399190000644132864!/JessieJaneDuff/status/399194881895444480!/JessieJaneDuff/status/399200738045624320!/JessieJaneDuff/status/399209665755492353

See page 173:

Tom Cruise deposition 2 by New York Post

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Jake Tapper followed up and shared even more context from Cruise’s deposition. Cruise was asked to clarify if he really believes that separation from his daughter while filming a movie is the same as military deployment. “Oh come on,” he replied, “you know, we’re making a movie.”

Editor’s note: After new details about Cruise’s deposition emerged, the title of this post was amended to more accurately reflect his statements.

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