Kim Jong-Un Continues To Be A Dictator Fashion Icon

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North Korean state media published photos of the trapezoidal new hairdo and seriously groomed brows on Thursday.

1. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has kept his hair in a tight fade since he rose to international prominence after the death of his father.

Kim Jae-hwan / Getty Images

2. Sometimes he’d part in the center…

Kcna / Reuters

3. …pump up with sleek volume…

Kcna / Reuters

4. …or go for a more tousled look.

Kcna / Reuters

5. Check out those casual bangs.

Kcna / Reuters

6. But none of that prepared us for this.

Korean Central News Agency

CNN called it his new “power” look. Vox had so many, many questions.

7. What exactly is going on here?

Kim Jong Un#NumberOneFan of @DJPaulyD

— Springh33lJack (@Springheel Jack)

Kim Jong Un has a new haircut and now he looks like Guile from Street Fighter

— zackbeauchamp (@Zack Beauchamp)

Kim Jong-un now has the hair of 1950’s Elvis and the body of 1970’s Elvis.

— MattGoldich (@Matt Goldich)

Kim Jong Un has the same stylist as my aunt. Small world!

— ninjabakesale (@J)

Kim Jong Un looks like a mini-boss in an N64 game

— agentbizzle (@Brian Altano)

BREAKING: Top investigators believe Kim Jong-un may have fallen asleep chewing gum, causing it to get stuck in his hair during the night

— CalebTalley_ (@Caleb Talley)

13. Like a lot of things in North Korea, we may never really understand.

Kcna / Reuters

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