Larry King high on ‘Spunky the Monkey,’ thinks you should give it a shot

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Perhaps Vice President Joe Biden broke the ice by proudly browsing the children’s books section of Costco with media in tow. Larry King, 79, took a break from promoting his TV show to recommend “Spunky the Monkey,” which he found “fun.” He also praised the book’s moral message before returning to his scheduled interview with Hustler publisher Larry Flynt.

Did I ask @hustler‘s @imlarryflynt your question? Find out on #LarryKingNow @oratv:

— Larry King(@kingsthings) December 6, 2012

We don’t know. Did you ask him if he also enjoyed Spunky’s moral message?

Oprah’s book club did pretty well. Is King trying to horn in on the action?

@jennyjohnsonhi5 @kingsthings “Spunky, give it a shot”

— Frankiezzy (@Frankiezzy) December 6, 2012

Can’t tell if this is dirty… RT @kingsthings “Spunky the Monkey” is a fun-rhyming children’s book w/ a good moral message – give it a shot

— Eric (@KillamAll) December 6, 2012

@jennyjohnsonhi5 @kingsthings its my kinda dirty on so many levels #spunk

— Señor TurboSplat (@merkinmartyr) December 6, 2012

@kingsthings he’s lost what’s left of his mind

— Ari Johnson (@arijohnson51) December 6, 2012

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