Love Bowling But Hate Those Sketchy Bowling Alleys? Check This Project Out!

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If you’re someone who can bowl without the bumpers up, I salute you. If you’re skilled enough to make wearing those terrifying shoes worth it, I have nothing but respect. But what if you love bowling, you’re absolutely awful at it, and you don’t feel like paying to display your lack of talent? And what if you are a bowling aficionado, but you still aren’t into the alley scene?

Then this project is the one for you. With some wood, bowling pins, and string, this person came up with the most amazing backyard bowling setup of all time. You’re going to want in on the action.

If this looks like something you need in your life (and let’s be real — it totally does) take a look at what he did to create it.

This isn’t a DIY undertaking for the faint of heart, so planning is key. Imgur user Makgyver87 first mapped out the exact dimensions of the bowling lane so that he could round up the right materials.

This is serious business, friends.

After that, the frame was constructed with 2 x 4 panels and the base was created with plywood.

He made it long enough to ensure that it wouldn’t be too easy to pull off a bunch of strikes.

If you’re me, the lane could be three feet long and that still wouldn’t be an issue.

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Setting up pins after every turn is a pain, which is why this guy decided to create a pulley system. To do so, holes were drilled into every pin so that string could be run through the top of each one.

Many attempts later, he finally came up with a system that worked.

One tug of that blue string resets every bowling pin!

After he leveled the boards, the lane was ready to go!

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But then he decided to up the ante. By adding some neon lights, he created an awesome night bowling setup!

Having this in your backyard would make you the coolest cookout host in the history of cookouts.

I can tell you one thing. I’d bowl way more often if I could walk outside and limit my embarrassment to the confines of my own backyard. If you want to learn more about this project, you can check it out here!

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