Michael Moore’s #WeAreAllMuslim stunt brings mixed results

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As Twitchy reported this morning, Michael Moore had the borderline clever idea of trolling Donald Trump by standing outside Trump Tower holding a sign reading, “We Are All Muslim.” It was an idea so richwith possibility that Moore invited the country to join him by making their own signs and tweeting similar photos.

Would it be OK if we just drew pictures of Mohammed and posted those instead? No? OK, we’ll stick with the posted instructions.

No,Hillary Clinton doesn’t have horns, and neither does he. It’s just the light fixture in the background.

We’re surprised President and Mrs. Obama didn’t jump in on this. They’re probably too busy packing for Hawaii.

Moore’s stunt might have made him feel good about himself, but didhe consider that Muslims might not care for the #WeAreAllMuslim hashtag being used as a political football?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/12/17/michael-moores-weareallmuslim-stunt-brings-mixed-results/

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