Museum Staffer Is Petrified As Leaflets Fly Off Of Shelves — Was It A Ghost?

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Maybe it’s because Halloween is coming, but poltergeists seem to be everywhere lately. They’ve been hanging out near castles, wreaking havoc in office buildings, and now they’re haunting museums!

At the Torquay Museum in South Devon, England, staffers were recently spooked when leaflets began to fly off a shelf in the gift shop. Before you say they’re overreacting, consider this. Just last year, a photo of a ghostly woman was captured on museum grounds. Since then, people have wondered if the museum might be haunted by her and the establishment’s premiere attraction: the mummified remains of a four-year-old boy.

Is this a real ghost or just a clever hoax? You’ll have to watch the gift shop security footage and decide for yourself.

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Personally, I won’t be visiting until some ghost hunters investigate!

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