No, this is the New York that Ted Cruz is demeaning

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Ever since Sen. Ted Cruz claimed in the most recent GOP debate that “I think most people know exactly what New York values are” as a slight against Donald Trump, examples of #NewYorkValues, mostly humorous, have been seen all over Twitter. Today, though, Trump took the concept to new heights (or depths) by posting a photo from 9/11 and asking, “Is this the New York that Ted Cruz is talking about & demeaning?”

Some liked Trump firing back at Cruz with both barrels, while others called use of the photo“vulgar exploitation.” We’re not sure if or how Cruz will respond to this latest broadside from Trump, but a few people have taken the rhetoric down a few notches by altering Trump’schallenge to Cruz.

For example, millennials are probably more familiar with viral sensation Pizza Rat than 9/11.

So far, Pizza Rat is looking pretty good (assuming he’s not a sex offender).

J.R. Salzman sends a reminder that the 9/11 attacks affected the entire country.

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