Obama to perform victory gun-grabbing dance in Denver; What about jobs?

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Never let a tragedy go to waste. Even if it means politicizing on the backs of dead children.

President Obama is heading to Denver, Colo., today to spike the football and do a victory dance in the end zone.





As Twitchy reported, Governor Hickenlooper recently signed three anti-gun bills into law.

Twitter users are fed up.




They also point out something else. What happened to that laser-like focus on jobs?




Jobs? Ha! Clearly that’s of no concern and the people of Colorado will feel the pinch even more. As we reported, Magpul Industries has every intention to pull up stakes and leave Colorado.

But, hey, spike the football.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/04/03/spiking-the-football-obama-to-perform-victory-gun-grabbing-dance-in-denver-what-about-jobs/

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