Olbermann: Chuck Norris saying ‘1,000 years of darkness’ is total dog whistle

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Well, time for yet another section in the old Handbook of Racial Code Words! Like Clint Eastwood’s bit with a chair, Chuck Norris using the phrase “1,000 years of darkness” is also a dog whistle. That only racist leftists can hear.

@KeithOlbermann @mmfa … the dogs of war … 1000 years of darkness ! lmao I think it has 2 do with the darkness of some1's skin sadly

— Seedsown (@reddroostermann) September 7, 2012


Update: The sane on Twitter swiftly weigh in.

@KeithOlbermann Im not sure if you are a trying to be a comedian or not. You certainly are not a journalist. Only racist here is you. #msnbc

— Brad (@Brad_D80) September 7, 2012

@KeithOlbermann Don't you have a place to be… like a news station or news program to host? oh wait… awkward

— Conservative Hick (@ConservativeHic) September 7, 2012



Hey, @KeithOlbermann, the point of a dog whistle is that only dogs can hear it. You should look in the mirror sometime. If you can stand it.

— Laura (@laurakbarr) September 7, 2012

@KeithOlbermann You still take yourself seriously??? The rest of us don't. It's in your own soul that racism can be found. You should look.

— Mark Waters (@PansFolley) September 7, 2012


Well, at least he took a break from vile misogyny today. For now.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/09/07/keith-olbermann-chuck-norris-saying-1000-years-of-darkness-is-totally-a-dog-whistle/

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