Place your bets: #SNF viewers predict subject of Bob Costas’ halftime lecture

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It’s that time of the week once again for predictions about what topic Bob Costas will choose to enlighten America with at halftime of the Panthers/Saints game on #SNFonNBC.

Have at it, Twitter:!/DoeyFD17/status/409856024603275264!/ONEandONLYC3M/status/409852396534497280!/rlieberman2529/status/409835975188049920!/MattKing_Sports/status/409858536382816258!/teaparty321/status/409854145835712514!/michi83/status/409861338425327616

A few people we ran across are bracing for a Bob Costas halftime address about Nelson Mandela:!/PaulnLouisville/status/409851800401887232!/Obamafairclown/status/408745144976801792!/ChicagoShaun/status/409860734193913856

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to include additional tweets.

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