Pres. Fore-ward provides snark bait; Greta Van Susteren deadpan delivers

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Snort! President Fore-ward provided the snark-bait and Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren delivered in her classic deadpan style. As Twitchy reported, the president’s laser-like focus is once again on his golf game. Syria, Shmyria!

Lucianne Goldberg offered up some snark as well:!/LucianneLinks/status/376330293495336960


Fellow Twitter users weigh in:!/CCValk/status/376432023415451648!/libertybellskp/status/376428458609348609!/akaMaude13/status/376428612322222080

An exit suggestion:!/RandyNaylor/status/376456843523923968


And this Twitter user makes a devastating point:!/TimetoOpine/status/376425844417122304

Indeed. It’s horrible, because it’s true.


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