Ready for some douchebaggery? Football fans dread next Costas lecture

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It’s football season again, and we all know what that means — time for some more lectures on the issues of the day from Bob Costas. Costas famously hijacked Sunday Night Football last October to preach the virtues of gun control, and sports fans were taking bets on the subject of tonight’s sanctimonious lecture.!/netw3rk/status/375777283799142400!/TreyDyson/status/375776127786434560!/redsteeze/status/375777667678601216!/KyleClark/status/375763918494638080!/RickMusser/status/375776029609979904!/858togo/status/375776229179150336

No. He kicked off the night by chatting with Ryan Seacrest, after all.!/StarksNotStark/status/375781857784107008!/AndyJ0seph/status/375767808585375745!/Collincanderson/status/375780915726663680

That lightning is a sign.!/imau2fan/status/375780699434786816!/Lana/status/375776239320973312!/88JDG94/status/375777001358901248!/FakeCommish/status/375776047108984832!/BruceGodfrey/status/375778710496243712!/KevinMaddenDC/status/375776022777831424

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