Sarcasm alert: Monica Crowley ‘psyched’ for IRS to take over health care

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At this rate, with the executive branch unilaterally deciding to delay the employer mandate of Obamacare a year and admitting it doesn’t have the system in place to verify applicants, who knows when Obamacare will actually kick in for real? We’re willing to wait — forever — especially now that the IRS had admitted to singling out conservative groups for invasive scrutiny. Did we mention that the former director of the office behind that scandal is now running the IRS’ Obamacare office?

Nervous yet? How about this, then: as Fox News analyst Monica Crowley points out, the IRS recently exposed “tens of thousands” of Social Security numbers contained in a database of nonprofit political groups known as 527s. Will the IRS tighten up its security measures before it begins compiling medical records?!/KristinaRibali/status/354318644152500225

Don’t be that way! You’ll love it once you finally find out what’s in it. And like Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz promised/threatened, “You can’t stop it.”!/Conservative96/status/354319505180196864

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