So, how’s that Russia ‘promise of hashtag’ deal going, State Dept.? [pic]

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But, but … that was already done! You mean it didn’t work?!/ElBuehn/status/504815672359391232

ABC’s Terry Moran says don’t use “weasel words” and call it like it is: Russia is invading Ukraine. It’s OK though, guys. The State Department is totally on it.!/CuffyMeh/status/504958912643473408!/alwaysonoffense/status/504818279660400640

It really doesn’t. Here’s a reminder that this actually happened:!/statedeptspox/status/459469620861075457


So what now, State Department?!/macofromoc/status/504819439100243968

And a sad exit point:!/CuffyMeh/status/504995791644426241


Quick question, media: Russia invades Ukraine … Who is shocked today?

ABC’s Terry Moran wants no ‘weasel words’: ‘Say it. Russia has invaded Ukraine’ [photos]

Jen Psaki: ‘Let’s hope the Kremlin will live by the promise of hashtag’

Jen Psaki says Russians not following up their #UnitedForUkraine hashtag with actions

‘The children really have taken over’: Jen Psaki tweets about ‘savvy and fashionable’ former colleague

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