So THIS Is What Those Movies Looked Like Before Visual Effects Were Added.

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Is there anything that movie makers can’t do with today’s technology? When it comes to something on screen (not counting the sodas thrown by a rambunctious youngster), the things filmmakers can do today would blow any movie from the past out of the water. The visual effects (or VFX) artists in Hollywood today are working miracles for these films. Check out what these recent blockbusters looked like before and after VFX were added, and see for yourself.  

The Avengers

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Life of Pi




Ender’s Game

The Wolverine

A Good Day To Die Hard

The Monuments Men

300: Rise Of An Empire

Check out this video to see what another blockbuster movie looked like before and after VFX were added.

(via IziSmile)

I know they call it “movie magic,” but I was still surprised to see how otherworldly the work of the VFX artists really is. It’s incredible how far we’ve come with effects over the years.

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