#Solyndra trends as Obama promotes government funding of clean energy

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President Obama talked a lot tonight about funding new “green” technology. Of course, research and development is great, but funding politically-connected renewable energy companies isn’t the answer. Private businesses innovate. Government gets in the way.

#sotu Dept of Energy “jobs” = #Solyndra green “energy” nightmare messes.

— Seton Motley (@SetonMotley) February 13, 2013

Our economy is also stronger when we’re not funding failing solar companies with taxpayer money #solyndra

— Chris McMillan (@chriscmcmillan) February 13, 2013

So he criticizes Congress for “manufactured crisis”, then claims we need to spend tax $ on climate change. #solyndra #stateoftheunion #tcot

— Dylan Young (@BobSugarLives) February 13, 2013

I turned on the tv when Obama just so happened to be giving the SOTU… He’s talking about energy… I have one word #solyndra #abcpolitics

— Adham akel (@Adham_Akel) February 13, 2013

RT @jrsalzman: Nothing says drive down solar energy costs quite like #Solyndra.

— Milhealth (@milhealth) February 13, 2013

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/02/12/solyndra-trends-as-obama-promotes-government-funding-of-clean-energy/

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