Study Results Are Very Eye-Opening About Public Perception Of These Photos

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These days, seeing isn’t necessarily believing when it comes to certain images.

Have you ever looked at something with your own eyes but for whatever reason just don’t trust what you’re seeing? As it turns out, it isn’t that rare. In a recent study reported in the Washington Post, two political scientists found that some people will reject certain evidence if it goes against their beliefs — even when seeing it with their own eyes.

But before we dive further into the results of this research, let’s test this out for ourselves. Which side of the photos below appears to have a larger group of people?

Yankee Stadium — New York City, New York

Eiffel Tower — Paris, France

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Ocean Grove Auditorium — Ocean Grove, New Jersey

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National Mall — Washington, D.C.

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Half of the participants were asked which photo was from the 2017 inauguration (left) and which from the 2009 inauguration (right). Nearly 80 percent of non-voters accurately identified them. About 90 percent of people who voted for Clinton got it right, but only 60 percent of the Trump supporters picked the correct answer.

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