These Russian Stories Are Horrifying. But That’s Not The Part That Left Me Deeply Unsettled.

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Artist/Comedian Ben Rosenfeld has a special skill: he can speak Russian. So when he came across some of Russia’s most (in)famous nursery rhymes, of course he had to combine his talents and create this generation’s most truly hilarious/awful illustrated book for kids.  I guess it all depends on your sense of humor 🙂

Each rhyme is 2-4 lines, with an innocent title and a horrible ending. Each rhyme is accompanied by a brightly colored yet twisted illustration of the scenario described to add humor.

For example, The Woods: “A little boy found a machine gun. Nothing lives in the woods anymore.”

And yes. All of these are REAL rhymes that Russians tell their kids.

If you found these horrifically hysterical stories entertaining, you can help make the book a reality (and get yourself a copy) back backing Ben on kickstarter here. Share these with others. But probably not children.

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