These Short GIFs of How Everyday Items Are Made Feel Strangely Calming.

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Ever watch the show How It’s Made? I usually turn it on with the ultimate goal of taking a good nap. Yet there is something cool about watching things we see every day come together.

Luckily, these Internet GIFs exists so you don’t have to fast forward through the boring parts of the assembly. You can just zone out and watch the start of the object over and over…


Bullets. imgur


Pretzels. imgur

Wire Fencing.

Wire Fencing. imgur

Bottle Caps.

Bottle Caps. imgur

Macaroni Noodles.

Macaroni Noodles. imgur


Pop-Tarts. imgur


Highlighters. imgur


Mold. imgur


Trombones. imgur

Playing Cards.

Playing Cards. imgur


Springs. imgur


Pencils. imgur

Army Helmets.

Army Helmets. imgur


Dough. imgur


Forks. imgur

Chicken Nuggets.

Chicken Nuggets. imgur

Road Barriers.

Road Barriers. imgur

Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Ice Cream Sandwiches. imgur


Condoms. imgur

Street Typography.

Street Typography. imgur

Metal Chains.

Metal Chains. imgur

Olive Oil.

Olive Oil. imgur


Darts. imgur


Scissors. imgur

Rubber Gloves.

Rubber Gloves. imgur


Balloons. imgur

This is kind of like  watching a friend getting born. Was that weird? Sorry, I’m just in a totally zen place after watching these GIFs. They tripped me out.

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