This Baby’s Playroom Needed A Makeover, So They Created Something Adorable

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When it comes time to decorate playrooms for their little ones, parents often find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do you create an adorable room that your baby will adore for five years until they outgrow the decor, or do you pare things back and give them a room that will get the job done for even longer?

In this case, there’s really no right or wrong answer. Renovating entire rooms isn’t a task that most people want to take on every couple of years, and that’s totally understandable. But some crafty moms and dads love the process and are fine with doing it more frequently. This mommy-daddy duo is of the latter variety, and the barnyard paradise they just created for their baby takes preciousness to a whole new level.

When it came time to redecorate, Redditor silusvirus82 and his wife decided to go big by designing a barnyard-themed playroom for their daughter Rosie.

She has the right boots and everything!

Here’s where they started. They wanted to ditch the classic pink paint, and some of the drywall needed work.

Mom was in charge of painting this pasture for all of Rosie’s soon-to-be barnyard friends.

Next, Dad built a frame for the barn. He made the opening big enough for Rosie and her two favorite adults to go through.

After all, she needs help tending to all of those animals!

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Once the frame was in place, he cut out the rest of the pieces.

According to Dad, this part was a “huge pain in the you-know-what,” but at least it looks awesome.

Once the trusses were added to the roof and the whole structure was stabilized, it really started coming together.

While he finished up the barn, Mom started populating the walls with farmers, equipment, and animals.

They recommend not using wall paint for this part, since she had to go over most of her paintings twice to reach the right level of opacity. Regular acrylics should do the trick!

A nice coat of paint brought the barn to life. They spent a ton of time sanding all of the wood to ensure that the structure was safe for Rosie to crawl around in.

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No cuts and scrapes here!

After Dad added the finishing touches to the barn, Mom laid down some green padding to help Rosie get a better grip while she’s playing. As an added bonus, it even looks like grass!

Finally, they hired an electrician to install some lights that eventually turned into the sun.

(via Reddit)

Sure, this room might not work for Rosie when she’s 12, but judging by the looks on her face in these photos, she certainly loves it now! If this seems like something your little one would be into, you can find more details here.

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