This Incredibly Clever Guy Took Something I Hate… And Transformed It Into Awesomeness.

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If you grew up in the Midwest of the United States (or anywhere with yearly seasonal changes), then you’ll be familiar with potholes. They’re the result of the expansion and contraction of pavement. That cracks the road, and the traffic that routinely passes over those cracks breaks open into massive holes. Potholes can destroy cars and even cause wrecks. Artist Jim Bachor is an artist who specializes in making mosaics. He sees the tiles as “low-tech pixels,” and he creates beautiful art with them. He took to the streets of Chicago to transform potholes, something everyone hates, into an art form they can love.

Potholes are nasty, but Jim Bachor’s series is fantastic.

He, almost like a masked crusader, makes the city’s streets safer.

He might not fill every pot hole, but the ones he does touch become something beautiful.

The mosaic tiles are a strange sight to see on the streets.

They are unique, but beautiful.

His “work surprises the viewer while challenging long-held notions of what a mosaic should be.”

Most mosaics are on church walls or in stations.

His are below your feet, on the broken streets.

It’s a wonderful new take on mosaic artwork.

Each mosaic costs approximately $50 and takes a considerable amount of time to prepare and then install, but he plans on doing a few more pieces.

Source: Jim Bachor via Colossal Jim has a new installation going into the Thorndale Red Line stop in a few months, if you’re interested in seeing more of his work. Being able to take something ugly and destructive and turn it into something beautiful is a wonderful skill. Not only that, his unique artwork isn’t traditional, making it even more appealing. Share this unique artwork by clicking below.

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