This Is The Most Eye-Opening, Shocking Thing I’ve Seen In A While. And It’s All Around Us.

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The world is a mighty big place. So big, in fact, it’s hard for most people to realize just what it’s like. It’s estimated that there are more than 7 billion people in the world. Any statistics you see about the world are probably so big in size and scope it’s difficult to wrap your mind around. That’s why these helpful statistics were created. Imagine the world was populated by only 100 people. This is what it would look like in a variety of ways.

The number of people on each continent: 11 Europe, 5 North America, 9 South America, 15 Africa, 60 Asia

Where people would live: 49 live in rural areas, 51 live in urban areas

What language they would speak: 12 Chinese, 5 Spanish, 5 English, 3 Arabic, 3 Hindi, 3 Bengali, 3 Portuguese, 2 Russian, 2 Japanese, 62 Other

How many people have houses: 77 have shelter, 23 do not

The worldwide nutrition: 21 Overweight, 63 Average, 15 Undernourished, 1 Starving

Their level of poverty: 48 live on less than 2 US dollars per day

How many people have access to water: 87 have safe water, 13 do not

Do they have cell phones: 75 have cell phones, 25 do not

The number of people with internet access: 30 have Internet access, 70 do not

How many people have higher education: 7 have college degrees, 93 do not

The literacy levels: 83 are able to read and write, 17 are not

The religions throughout the world: 33 Christian, 22 Muslim, 14 Hindu, 7 Buddhist, 12 other, 12 no religion

The age distribution: 26 range from 0-14 years old, 66 range from 15-64 years old, 8 are 65+ years old

Their gender: 50 male, 50 female

(H/T Elite Daily) With the numbers scaled down, it almost makes the facts that much more mind boggling. Less than 10 people would have college degrees. Wow. Share these shocking numbers with your friends.

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