This Is What Oscar-Nominated Film Posters Would Look Like If They Were Honest

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Ah, awards season — that magical time of year when we’re reminded of just how little celebrities have in common with us, since their dresses cost more than our cars and they make more money for breathing than we do pulling 40-hour weeks.

That being said, movies are great, and it’s pretty cool to watch zillionaires do zillionaire things. In honor of the Oscars — which we can watch in all their glory later this month — let’s have a look at The Shiznit‘s take on what these Oscar-nominated movie posters would look like if they were a bit more honest.

1. Otherwise known as Castaway in Space.

2. Money is the worst and adulting is for the birds!

3. Gratuitous explosions? Not even a little bit.

4. Because we needed 38 of them for some reason. (Okay, 2.)

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5. Life is just a slow march towards death and all that.

6. A bunch of softies…with a bunch of guns.

7. D’oh!

8. If all feelings looked like this, I wouldn’t eat mine so much.

(source: The Shiznit)

While more than a few people seem to have gotten snubbed this year, I’ll most likely still be watching in sweatpants and crying into my wine over how perfect everyone looks. And please…Academy…just give DiCaprio his Oscar so he can stop eating bear innards, okay?

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