This Robot Is Receiving National Attention After Being Arrested At A Political Rally

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Scientists in Russia are discovering that artificial intelligence robots might not be that smart after all.

When scientists set out to build a robotic prototype now known as the Promobot, they had intended to create a robot that could easily interact with humans and possessed facial-recognition software to help remember everyone.

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Instead, they created the robotic version of a rebellious teenager.

After escaping the lab where it was stored not once, but twice, you would have thought that scientists would have put some sort of security measures into place to prevent the robot from escaping a third time. Unfortunately for Promobot, he has gotten himself into trouble yet again, this time requiring police attention. After attending a political rally in Moscow, showing his support for politician Valeriy Kalachev, Promobot was arrested after harassing passengers on the metro.

You can tell by the police’s reaction, that they’re in disbelief that they have to arrest a robot.

For even more of Promobot’s antics, check out what happened when he walked (rolled?) into traffic.

Maybe some jail time will do this rebellious robot some good. We wouldn’t want him to grow up to be a hardened criminal.

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