This Tiny Badass In A Fairy Outfit Proves That Girls Really Can Do It All

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In the past few decades, so much progress has been made for girls.

There are still places and activities, however, that are male-dominated, and it can be intimidating for a girl to get involved. Sometimes all it takes is one fearless pioneer to walk in and say that she can do anything just as good as the boys can.

Skateboarding is traditionally seen as a “male” activity, but one girl in Brazil is proving that it’s a place where anyone can thrive.

Rayssa Leal is a 9-year-old Brazilian girl who absolutely loves to skateboard. She’s also really good at it, having won a few junior street-skating titles.

Recently, a photo and video of Leal skating in a fairy princess dress went viral, putting a spotlight on the young girl and all of her accomplishments.

She’s used her social media savvy to build up audiences on Facebook and Instagram who can keep up with her badass tricks.

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