This Toilet Paper-Free Lifestyle Is Called Neo-Peasant Parenting. Yup, That’s Real.

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For some people, thinking about the “good old days” means going way, way back.

People love the old fashioned lifestyle, but one group of people is taking it to a new extreme. Neo-peasant groups are communities of people who live off the land with their families, relying on hunting, fermenting, and farming for food. They reject modern conveniences in favor of a way of living that they say is totally fulfilling and self-sufficient (if not a little mind-boggling). Many of them go so far as to ban the use of things like toilet paper around the house!

Neo-peasants incorporate canning and fermenting into their everyday diets, and they use natural sources of heat like wood-burning stoves.

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They don’t shun all modern technology, but they do incorporate it sparingly. For instance, one family uses a solar-powered washer that they fill with rain water.

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