Top 10 ghetto ice cream flavors

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If you ever glance over the worldwide Twitter trends, you’ll notice there are some strange hashtags every now and then. Today we were going about our business, looked at the trends and to our amazement everyone seemed to be tweeting the hashtag #GhettoIceCreamFlavors.

So we figured we might aw well put together a list, right?

#GhettoIceCreamFlavors I just beat my kid in the grocery store black and blue…berry

— SCVRFVC3 (@kusshcloudss) June 8, 2012

#GhettoIceCreamFlavors Call the Po-Po Pineapple

— HeyLookIt's (@MileeMariee) June 8, 2012

#GhettoIceCreamFlavors Pants on the ground Pistachio

— Shon Hyneman (@1DrLove) June 8, 2012

#GhettoIceCreamFlavors Herpies n Cream

— IG: IMBookie (@TheRealBookie) June 8, 2012

#GhettoIceCreamFlavors paternity test peppermint

— Jullianne Delgado (@JullianneNYC) June 8, 2012

#GhettoIceCreamFlavors rocky unemployment road

— 3LL (@elldacycoeABS) June 8, 2012

#GhettoIceCreamFlavors Cocaine Vanilla.

— HoodRat (@HoodratPosts) June 8, 2012

#GhettoIceCreamFlavors Weezy Freezy”

— Ace Dream (@DreamForevaa) June 8, 2012

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