Top 15 things women say to make men mad

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#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad I'm pregnant …. Lol

— Judge Judy✌ (@she_badd87) May 25, 2012

#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad "You have to say you're sorry" (for what?)

— Beavis H. Presley (@snarkbox) May 25, 2012

#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad I don't cook

— WorldClass SHA (@ShockedTwo) May 25, 2012

#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad Guy: What's wrong? Girl: Oh…nothing.

— FeministB!#@H (@FeministicFlo) May 25, 2012

#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad "All men are the same!!!!!"

— Best Teen Saying (@BestTeenSaying) May 25, 2012

#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad If you say so

— star (@Bunny_Bluu) May 25, 2012

#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad So who's that girl that liked your picture.

— JWalk™ (@JwalkD) May 25, 2012

#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad My ex used to do that.

— Romany Malco (@romanymalco) May 25, 2012

#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad MAKE UR OWN SANDWICH.

— Y U No ?? (@Y__U__NO) May 25, 2012

#ThingsWomenSay2MakeMenMad everything..because he probably pissed her off all week.

— Drita Davanzo (@DritaDavanzo) May 25, 2012

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