Trends turn racist on Mother’s Day afternoon

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On a Mother’s Day afternoon, no less, racially motivated hashtags, like #TwoWordsBlackPeopleFear and #TwoWordsAsianPeopleFear, made their way to the top of Twitter’s trending topics.!/AwwZayn/status/201800962610970624

#TwoWordsBlackPeopleFear Child Support…

— AskedAlexandria (@xTheLostProphet) May 13, 2012!/osc2313/status/201802379648188416

#2wordsasianpeoplefear you failed. @mara_lipsch

— rachel (@raepolivka) May 13, 2012

#2wordsasianpeoplefear passport please

— Purse (@JakkPursey) May 13, 2012!/MAZ93/status/201803195645833217

#2wordsasianpeoplefear – no chai!

— ♥ (@Mahiiixo) May 13, 2012

Sometimes, society just makes you wonder…

First it's #TwoWordsBlackPeopleFear, then it's #2wordsasianpeoplefear… a little racist tonight aren't we Twitter?

— Tay (@ouija___bored) May 13, 2012

Why are things related to low grades all over the hashtag #2wordsasianpeoplefear ugh some people are so disgusting.

— Elizabeth Chua (@birdbirdflyaway) May 13, 2012

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